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Sales mastermind

Learn Sales Fast

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 What is the Sales Mastermind?

Imagine having a Sales Mentor with 156 IQ, 35+ years of experience, and a relentless desire to help you succeed.

We are a Mastermind group of badass sales professionals who gather every week at Thursday 8:00 PM EST to help YOU Learn Sales Fast.

Want to level up your Sales ability?

We’ll give you:
5 Strategies to Book More Meetings
3 Email Templates to Revive Lost Deals
And the FULL RECORDING of the #1 Sales Mastermind Call of 2020



Success Stories

These calls are so valuable, I honestly don’t think they should be free.
Logan Westberg

Inside Sales, VMWare

I go to a lot of these, and this call’s really good! Nick’s hosting leads to people feeling comfortable because they know they’re not going to be shut down. People not only to feel comfortable; they have context into people’s lives and careers to give better answers.

Patrick Downs

Sales Trainer @ PandaDoc | Co-Host of B2B Growth + 5onCast | Co-Founder of 5onFriday

I know definitively that I wouldn’t have gone as far as I have with my own business if not for the Mastermind. Thank you guys so much!

Thomas Knapp

Founder, Generous Vending